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Britain’s First Ever Press Law–Sanctioned Censorship Begins

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This is frightening to say the least.  This is a product of the chains of political correctness.  While we aren’t quite this far in America yet, you can see much evidence of us heading down the same path.

Just this week, Philadelphia’s Mayor, Michael Nutter, called on the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission to investigate a publication entitled, “Being White in Philly,” which interviewed white citizens of the city, anonymously, regarding their thoughts on race relations.  The mayor called the article “disgusting” and asked the commission to decide if the publication and magazine should be rebuked in some way.

There are many more examples of people speaking out against anything “politically correct” later being deemed racists.  Remember when Chris Matthews said that using the word ‘Chicago’ in a sentence with President Obama was ‘racist’?

Eventually, we will face the same proposals for news and media censorship in America.  Will we have enough citizens awake to stop this dangerous course?

The Sun - Cameron accused of agreeing to Britainâ??s first ever press law

Photo:  Wikimedia/Ansel Adams

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